Meet Bea, the woman who inspired it all.

Imagine Auntie Mame (the Rosalind Russell version, no less), Bea Arthur’s Maude, and Carol Burnett all rolled into one. Bea Rose, Kyle’s grandmother, was a tour-de-force of the human spirit. Never afraid to try something new, Bea was an eclectic woman who found beauty wherever she ventured.  Her thought on everything from fashion to decorating was, “If it makes you feel good, that’s what matters most!” Even if this meant wearing all of her favorite pieces at once! Oh, and be sure to ask about the story of the sofa she sawed in half. It’s a good one! 

Whether she knew to expect guests or not, she was the ultimate entertainer. One knock would instantly transport someone into a world where every care instantly melted away. Good times were always in store at Bea’s house, and she made damn sure of it! 

Bea’s innate ability to be prepared for guests at a moment’s notice was of the utmost importance to her. She instilled this aspect in Kyle because it meant understanding the priceless value of the human connection. Each guest was met by a great listener with sound advice, a constant support system, and a warm embrace as if everyone was a life-long friend.  

At Bea Rose Salon, we strive to continue her legacy by reimagining the experience she brought to so many. We have combined the skillful hands of some of Nashville’s top stylists, makeup artists, a client focused service team, and a thoughtfully selected array of products that caters to all. The salon design embraces her story and aims to continue Bea’s welcoming environment upon every visit.  


Words to live by

" If it makes you feel good... 

We believe each client leads the discussion towards their vision of perfection. With the help our team, rest assured you will leave looking like the best version of yourself! 


... that's what matters most. " 

We believe every moment matters. Whether you have 5 minutes to get out the door with the kids, 15 minutes to get ready for the big meeting, or an hour preparing for your event, effortless style is our mission. 


Bea Knew Best

We believe the education of our team and clients creates a trustworthy experience. Education transcends the latest trends and product choices. A knowledgeable team of stylists ensures every client connection is one of loyalty, listening, and understanding. Bea would not have it any other way!